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Jiggle Balls & Ben Wa Balls

  • Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls 2.8oz
  • Description: A workout minus the sweat, tears and pain? Yes, it is possible. Tracey Cox's weighted kegel balls give you an incredible workout, are wonderfully discreet, and best of all, can result in stronger muscle tone and better-than-ever orgasms. Tempted?
  • Price: 24.99
  • Midnight Velvet Duo Ben Wa Balls 2.2oz
  • Description: Simple, effective, attractive and pleasurable, these Ben Wall Balls offer an ideal way to tone your pelvic floor muscles and practice your kegel exercises. With regular use they can help enhance the intensity of your orgasms - and who doesn't want that?
  • Price: 12.99
  • Lovehoney BASICS Silver Jiggle Balls 2oz
  • Description: Tone up your pelvic floor and enjoy the orgasmic roll of 2 free-roaming weights pleasuring your G-spot with these Ben Wa balls. Helping you rejuvenate your vagina in the most enjoyable way possible, these toner balls are for both health and pleasure.
  • Price: 6.99
  • First Time Love Balls Duo Lover Kegel Balls 1.6oz
  • Description: One of the few workouts in life you'll actually look forward to, exercise your Otter's pocket for frisky fun with more va-va-voom! Containing free-roaming balls that stimulate during wear, this set helps tone and tighten for better sexual response.
  • Price: 16.99
  • Tracey Cox Supersex Single Silicone Toner Ball 1.4oz
  • Description: Tracey Cox's Toner Ball can help catapult your orgasms to extreme heights. Weighted with a free-roaming ball, the jiggle ball is the perfect workout partner for kegel toning and discreet stimulation, and can even boost the strength of your orgasms.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Lelo Luna Beads Noir Kegel Balls 2.5oz
  • Description: Help intensify your orgasms and improve muscle control with Lelo's Luna kegel balls. A sleek take on the world's bestselling Ben Wa balls, this jiggling duo are weighted with internal free-roaming balls to deliver incredible sensations as you move.
  • Price: 44.99
  • Swoon Get a Grip Silicone Jiggle Balls 2.4oz
  • Description: Get a grip on these silicone toner balls and improve pelvic floor tone and muscle strength, helping enhance your orgasms. Contoured to work with your body and made from smooth silicone, the art of pleasure and gain is yours to enjoy at home or on the go.
  • Price: 22.99
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls 7.8oz
  • Description: Discreetly stimulating your G-spot and offering a generous weight to grip around, the Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls are an excellent choice for those in need of a more advanced kegel toning challenge as they enjoy Anastasia-style pleasure.
  • Price: 29.99
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Pleasure Silicone Ben Wa Balls 64g
  • Description: Toning and pleasuring your body in unison, the Delicious Pleasure silver balls discreetly wriggle and jiggle inside you. Massaging your G-spot with expert skill, the jiggle balls can even be worn for blush-inducing public play with your own Christian.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Ben Wa Magnetic Hematite Love Balls
  • Description: Make the laws of attraction work for you with the pleasure-boosting power of these magnetic Ben Wa balls. Crafted from smooth metal with stimulating inner magnets, these weighty wonders are perfect for advanced kegel trainers looking for a new challenge.
  • Price: 24.99
  • Oscillating Textured Duo Ben Wa Balls 2.4oz
  • Description: Discover a ball game that's anything but dull with the thrilling motions of these tantalising Ben Wa balls. Not only do the free-roaming weights help to tone your pelvic floor for increased orgasmic intensity, they also feel incredible as you move.
  • Price: 8.99
  • Original Small Steel Ben Wa Balls
  • Description: Never mind the leg day workout for knee-trembling exercises: these small steel Ben Wa balls offer a far more thrilling fitness regime, designed to tone your pelvic floor muscles. The potential result? More intense orgasms and greater control. Winner!
  • Price: 8.99
  • Ami + by Je Joue Advanced Kegel Ball 4.8oz
  • Description: Advanced kegel users, rejoice: the Ami + is here to up your internal training. Made from velvety-smooth silicone and offering a challenging 136g of weight, this contoured jiggle ball helps to strengthen your pelvic floor to assist super-strong orgasms.
  • Price: 25.99
  • Oscillating Pink Textured Duo Ben Wa Balls 2.4oz
  • Description: Kickstart your workout regime in the most pleasurable way when you slip in these sleek, stimulating kegel balls. Fitted with free-roaming internal weights that create gentle vibrations as you move, repeated wear helps to strengthen your internal muscles.
  • Price: 8.99
  • Lovehoney Main Squeeze Heavy Double Kegel Balls 3.2oz
  • Description: The only workout that can offer instant gratification, our 90g silicone kegel balls provide advanced pelvic floor training and pleasure. Sleek silicone encases free-roaming, jiggling weights for deep arousal and a seriously effective toning session.
  • Price: 21.99
  • Lovehoney Main Squeeze Double Kegel Balls 2.1oz
  • Description: Help improve pleasure and intensify orgasms with these kegel balls. Hiding a pair of free-roaming jiggle balls weighing 60g within a smooth silicone coating, this intermediate weight can arouse internal hot spots whilst providing an effective PC workout.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Lovehoney Main Squeeze Single Kegel Ball 1.1oz
  • Description: Defy convention and really enjoy from your workout. Housing a free-roaming jiggle ball for arousing sensations, the ball within this kegel exerciser weighs 1.1oz and may provide a resistance-based, vagina-tightening and orgasm-strengthening workout.
  • Price: 16.99
  • Lovehoney BASICS Black Jiggle Balls 2oz
  • Description: The simplest way to super-charge your sex life, these 2 small jiggle balls help tone your pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to more intensified orgasms for the wearer. Inside are free-roaming weights that roll arousingly with your every move.
  • Price: 6.99
  • Inya Orgasmic Twisty Triple Jiggle Balls 3.6oz
  • Description: Twist and shout with these smooth silicone balls with free-roaming weights that wriggle as you wiggle. The leaning tower of jiggle balls comprises a stacked trio of eggs of graduating size, and a well-defined waist between each for extra sensation.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Tighten and Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls
  • Description: Tone and tease as you Tighten and Tense, for sensation during wear and stronger kegels after use. Slip the silicone balls inside and feel your muscles squeeze around them, ensuring they feel each sweet sensation as the free-roaming balls roll and bounce.
  • Price: 22.99
Last Updated On Monday, December 11th 2017
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