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Batteries for Sex Toys

  • Duracell AAA Batteries (4 Pack)
  • Description: Don't get caught short with a sex toy with dead batteries - invest in this set of 4 Duracell AAA batteries and enjoy a plethora of power-driven sessions. Trusted brand Duracell is known for creating batteries with long-lasting power that doesn't fade.
  • Price: 3.99
  • Duracell AA Batteries (4 Pack)
  • Description: It only takes one experience with a weakly powered toy sputtering out at the crucial moment to make you realize the true value of a good-quality battery. Trusted brand Duracell is a safe choice to power long-lasting pleasure play.
  • Price: 3.99
  • Duracell A23 Battery (2 Pack)
  • Description: Keep your tiny toys juiced up for hours with Duracell's A23 batteries. Perfect for long-lasting power in some of the smaller vibrators such as bullets and cock rings, each pack contains 2 batteries.
  • Price: 1.99
  • Duracell LR44 Batteries (2 Pack)
  • Description: No one wants to lose that toy-based tingle mid-session, so make sure that you have a pack of these tiny batteries to hand for just such an occasion. Perfect for powering smaller toys such as cock rings and bullet vibes, this twin pack will last and last.
  • Price: 2.99
  • Duracell C Batteries (2 Pack)
  • Description: At least if you're caught out without an AA or AAA battery you can raid the remote - but what happens when your sex toy needs a size C? Spare yourself the pain of tearing the house apart by stocking up on this long-lasting twin pack from Duracell.
  • Price: 3.99
  • Duracell LR41 Battery Single
  • Description: So much power in such a small space. This long-lasting Duracell battery is the perfect way to power up cock rings, bullets, and any other petite vibrators, giving you hour after hour of playtime.
  • Price: 3.99
  • Duracell N Batteries (2 Pack)
  • Description: If you've spent hours researching and reading up on the perfect sex toy, don't fall at the final hurdle by compromising its power with shoddy batteries. This pack of 2 Duracell LR1 N batteries offer long-lasting power that doesn't fade over time.
  • Price: 2.99
  • Duracell Alkaline LR54 Batteries (2 Pack)
  • Description: Long-lasting for hours of pleasure, these LR54 batteries are an essential for many of our smaller toys (including cock rings and bullets). Each pack contains 2 batteries to keep the fun coming night after night.
  • Price: 2.99
  • Ooh by Je Joue Powerful USB Rechargeable Large Motor Bullet
  • Description: Power your Ooh by Je Joue mix 'n' match pleasure collection with this large rechargeable motor. The sturdy accessory acts as both the base and power source for the assembly of silicone shapes, allowing for an assortment of arrangements and versatile play.
  • Price: 39.99
Last Updated On Wednesday, January 29th 2020
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