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Jeweled Butt Plugs

  • Julian Snelling Rosebud Stainless Steel Small Jewelled Butt Plug
  • Description: Imbue your anal pleasure with the sumptuous elegance afforded by this stainless steel butt plug, a stunning handmade sex toy finished with a Swarovski crystal. A 3.10 inch girth and 90g weight ensure you'll feel satisfyingly full during wear.
  • Price: $64.99
  • Marc Dorcel Geisha Ball Silicone Medium Butt Plug with Crystal
  • Description: Forget Ben Wa balls and silver balls, this silicone butt plug jiggles, wriggles and bounces for sensational, weighted bum fun. This is thanks to a small ball inside the plug that rolls around when you move. Innovation at its finest!
  • Price: $38.99
  • Marc Dorcel Geisha Ball Large Butt Plug with Ruby Red Crystal
  • Description: Like the Wicked Witch of the East, all that can be seen of this smooth anal plug when in place is its glittering ruby crystal. Marc Dorcel's butt plug is shaped for pleasure, styled for desire, and features a sensation-intensifying free-roaming ball.
  • Price: $52.99
  • Marc Dorcel Geisha Ball Large Butt Plug with Crystal
  • Description: Enlist Marc Dorcel's crystal butt plug in your quest for gratification and enjoy anal play with stimulating movement from a free-roaming internal ball. Every movement causes it to shift and quiver for sensational stimulation in harmony with your body.
  • Price: $52.99
  • Rianne S Jewelled Butt Plug Set (3 Piece)
  • Description: Bedeck your butt with this trio of jewelled butt plugs for pretty patootie funtimes. With three sizes to choose from they're great for anal training, and each feature a shimmering gem that turns 'where the sun don't shine' into a glistening erotic haven.
  • Price: $67.99
  • Diogol Aluminium Petite Butt Plug with Swarovski Drop Charm
  • Description: As at home in your jewellery box as your toy box, Diogol's petite plug is made with the finest materials to offer you the choicest experience. A lightweight aluminium body can be warmed or cooled and Swarovski crystal beads hang elegantly from the base.
  • Price: $56.99
  • Diogol Aluminum Small Swirly Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal
  • Description: Honey-dipper swirls around the full insertable length of Diogol's lustrous metal butt plug elicit strong stimulation in a beginner-friendly size. A glittering Swarovski crystal base draws all eyes to your illicit intimate area as it pleasures you.
  • Price: $59.99
Last Updated On Saturday, July 11th 2020
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