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Sex Swings & Machines

  • Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit
  • Description: It used to be that sex swings were reserved for those with solid ceilings, wooden beams or space for an A-frame. Not any more friend! Slip this sex swing over any closed household door and enjoy confident vertical bonking without getting (too) tired! This all-in-one sex swing provides lovers with smaller spaces the ability to explore sexual experiences they previously could only dream of. By simply sliding the bars over the top of a sturdy door and pulling it shut, the world of sexy suspended positions is unlocked. This supportive swing boasts a padded seat to cradle the buttocks, hand grips for a firm hold and stirrup loops for foot support, making a variety of semi-suspended positions possible. Each of the two suspending straps is fully adjustable to allow you and your lover to find the perfect height for the seat while the foot stirrups adjust separately to hold you in your favourite positions. Please note that this swing is not designed for solo use. Always read the instructions carefully before using to prevent damage to your doors. Always weight test doors before using.
  • Price: $69.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing
  • Description: Take erotic play to new heights. Literally. Bondage Boutique's Over the Door Sex Swing enables you to enjoy upright intimate pleasure without needing the skills of a contortionist. Support your lover's legs easily and embark on the thrill of stand up sex. Add this simple restraint to your toy box to discover the thrills of vertical play. Cushioned thigh straps support your partners weight comfortably, while handles near the top of the straps offer added safety and balance. Adjust each strap to suit your height and lift your partner to the perfect level for smooth penetration. No more twisting, bending or tiptoeing - hoorah! Please note: We recommend you weight test your door before every use. Swing itself supports approximately 140kg/308lb/22st.
  • Price: $39.99
  • Purchase Here
  • The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine
  • Description: Revolutionize your solo experiences with this sophisticated riding style sex machine. Blending functionality with fantasy, the cowgirl has a versatile 360° swivel rotation, multiple modes of vibration and 2 silken silicone attachments. Lasso optional. Designed to ride for decadent self pleasure with a handcrafted saddle and slip resistant silicone base, the Cowgirl's precise engineering allows a powerful 1200 RPM of vibration to transcend its padded seat and paddle. The two attachments allow you to find your favourite style of ride. A flatter, textured silicone attachment has 10 springs and a shallow bump best for grinding and intense clitoral stimulation. Enjoy blended orgasms with the second accessory which has a set of 10 springs and an insertable 4 inch curved probe for internal G-spot stimulation. Riding the Cowgirl is a cinch with the multi-function LED remote with 3 meter cord. Or, connect to the smartphone app for cordless control up to 30 meters away. The app's futuristic technology allows two people to interact in real-time using non-verbal touch. Connect to a partner's device or share the controls with a partner remotely. If you've dreamed of wang-wrangling on your very own mighty steed, hop on top of the Cowgirl for a superior experience. RETURNS POLICY EXCLUSION: Due to the size and cost of this product, it is excluded from our normal returns policy. You may open the box to look at the product but you may not return the item if you have opened the inner packaging or used the product.
  • Price: $1,899.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Liberator BonBon Toy Mount
  • Description: Get love drunk off this hump without spendin' all your money and enjoy amazing hands-free pleasure. Bon Bon is soft, supportive and keeps your sex toy in prime position for mega-Os. Plus, it comes in a vibrant shade of pink that's exclusive to Lovehoney. As with all Liberator sex cushions, the Bon Bon is made from high density foam and benefits from a 'Responsive Core' that easily supports two bodies during rumpy-pumpy playtime. It also comes with a removable microfibre cover and water-resistant lining to make clean up and maintenance a doddle. What makes this cushion a little different from the others in the Liberator range is the innovative toy slot that holds your favourite dildo or vibrator in place for sensational hands-free fun. Thanks to a unique slit in the top of the cushion, this toy mount is compatible with both flared and non-flared base toys. Adding this innovative position pillow to your sex life will enhance masturbation, enable hands free arousal and even make double penetration a piece of cake when enjoyed with your partner. Please note: Vibrator is not included. Due to the size and weight of this item, we are currently unable to ship to Germany.
  • Price: $109.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion
  • Description: More cushion for the pushin', quite literally! Rock and roll your way to climax with this dual-sided sex position cushion from Liberator. Specially designed to support 2 bodies while in the throes of passion, isn't it time you had the best sex ever? With 2 surfaces to experiment with and boasting Liberator's legendary 'Responsive Core', this wedge-shaped pillow offers sensational support that won't let you down (even when you're really going for it!). Plus, thanks to its perfectly formed tapered shape, it lifts you and your partner into an optimum position for direct erogenous zone contact for foolproof finales. To use, lay the pillow on its flat surface and enjoy unrivalled support in almost any sex position. The curved surface fits into the natural contours of your back, sides and hips just like a puzzle-piece to lift and support you both no matter what you get up to. Using the cushion this way is particularly brilliant for oral pleasure when static support is vital for both their pleasure, and your neck! Fancy something a little different? Flip the cushion onto its curved side for see-saw-style sexing and enjoy rhythmic waves of full-body arousal as you rock back and forth towards glorious release. Once you've mastered the basics, why not go back and experiment with those complicated positions you could never hold before? Something tells us you'll really nail it (ahem) with Liberator at your side (or front, or back...) Dimensions: 19 inches (L) x 13 inches (W) x 6 inches (H)
  • Price: $99.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Position Master
  • Description: Take each other in any position you fancy with this top quality, slanted inflatable cushion. Its E-Z Grip Love Handles are perfect for maintaining your positions and offering extra leverage and support. Better sex is just an inflatable cushion away. In a velvety-soft finish, this position pillow is incredibly soft to the touch. Made from durable plastic with reinforced seams, it's designed to take plenty of pressure, allowing you to enjoy its elevating properties to full effect. Each side features a handle to give you or your partner something to hang onto while enjoying better sex positions.
  • Price: $54.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Fantasy For Her Rechargeable Remote Control Sex Machine
  • Description: Satisfy your deep drill pounding fantasies with this remote control sex machine from Fantasy For Her. Boasting 7 vibration patterns and 7 thrusting patterns with the added stimulation of a warming shaft, there's sure to be a setting to satisfy you. Remove the cap and screw on the dildo, then screw the machine onto the base. Attach the suction cup to the surface of your choice by sliding the switch from one side to the other. Adjust the angle by turning the knob, angling the toy, then tightening the knob. Use the push buttons on the front to turn on the warming function, the vibration, or the thrusting. Cycle through the vibration and thrusting options by pressing the buttons or using the remote control. Always coat the dildo with water-based lube for the most pleasurable experience.
  • Price: $124.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Liberator Sex Position Enhancer
  • Description: Liberate your inner sexplorer with this position enhancer. Sculpted to accommodate the body's natural curves, it opens you and your partner up to a whole new world of opportunity. Create the right angles and lift to give your lovemaking a boost. Whether in missionary, from behind, or riding high on top, it enhances your every position, giving you and your partner better angles – and access. High-density foam supports the body while the soft velvety cover feels lush against naked skin. This sleek and stylish sex furniture is great for deeper penetration, or longer, more comfortable oral and sex sessions.
  • Price: $189.99
  • Purchase Here
  • DOMINIX Deluxe Large Inflatable Wedge, Handcuff and Blindfold Set
  • Description: The kinkiest wedge since that time you brought Brie into the bedroom, this bondage set is sure to ramp things up. A bottom-lifting 24 inches high, this velvety wedge elevates your favourite positions, while the detachable cuffs add a touch of BDSM flair. This set has everything you need for a night of bondage fun. Pump up your wedge, attach your cuffs with the quick-release clips, pop on your blindfold and let the restraint play begin. The wedge can enhance a range of sexy positions and maintain challenging positions for longer. Place it under your hips for more targeted stimulation during sex, or to give you better access during oral. Wedge measures: 24. 5 x 13 x 35 inches Cuffs adjust between 6 and 15. 7 inches circumference and feature a velcro fastening. Explore other customer-favorite products: Bondage Cuffs from Bondage Boutique Wrist and Ankle Cuffs from Purple Reins
  • Price: $59.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Dark Magic Inflatable Remote Control Thrusting Sex Machine
  • Description: If lazy loving is your style, then you'll love this ergonomic thrusting sex machine that takes care of everything for you. Simply attach your choice of 3 realistic vibrators to the thrusting unit, lie back and use the remote control for hands-free bliss. Each lifelike attachment can also be used independently as a 3-speed vibe for handheld pleasure. Vibrator vital stats: - Curved, tapered vibe measures 6 inches in insertable length and tapers from 3. 5 inches in circumference at the tip, to 5. 4 inches at the base. Requires 1 x AA battery. - Girthy vibe measures 6. 75 inches in insertable length and 5. 5 inches in circumference. Requires 2 x AA batteries. - Largest vibe measures 8 inches in insertable length and 5 inches in circumference. Requires 2 x AA batteries.
  • Price: $249.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair
  • Description: It's Position: Impossible, the edge-of-your-bed thriller starring you and the Bondage Boutique sex position enhancer chair. Durable and practical, use it to achieve and maintain difficult positions to give your film plot an unforgettable climax. Quadruple-layered elastic assists the top's bounce, reducing muscle strain and aching thighs. Experiment with a variety of positions to discover new and exciting angles for maximum shared pleasure. Please note: Ideally suited for 2-person assembly, this flat-pack sex chair features ultra-strong elastic which can be difficult to stretch. We recommend asking your partner to help with the initial set up for safety and ease.
  • Price: $89.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Fetish Fantasy Door Swing
  • Description: Always wanted a sex swing but don't have the room? This bondage favourite allows you to turn your household doors into a couples sex toy instantly. Made from Neoprene and thick Nylon, it's incredibly sturdy and super-comfortable for vertical hanky panky. Fully adjustable to ensure comfort not matter how tall or short you are, this easy-to-use sex swing is ideal for those in rented accommodation or house shares. The swing threads over your door with secure fittings holding it in place when the door is closed. All you have to do is adjust the harness to suit your positions and enjoy. Two comfortable stirrups provide support for your feet, ankles, knees or legs and two handles help you gain leverage and support your weight in the most difficult-to-hold positions. An absolute must-have for couples who like to get it on in the upright position, but have a large height difference between them. No more tippy toes or hunched over lovemaking!
  • Price: $49.99
  • Purchase Here
  • DOMINIX Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair
  • Description: Ready to feel like the king or queen of your own kinky castle? That euphoria is within reach when you take a seat on this faux leather sex chair. Featuring two seat surfaces, its sturdy construction leaves you free to enjoy all kinds of pleasures. The flat, cushioned surface is ideal for seated restraint play or, if you're feeling risqué, bend over it for a little impact play. The 9 inch hole in the other seat allows for all kinds of oral exploration. The metal frame comes entirely pre-assembled, so all you need to do is pick the faux leather seat for you and get playing. Vital stats: 19 inches (l) x 15 inches (w) x 12 inches (h)
  • Price: $274.99
  • Purchase Here
  • The Cowgirl Lone Ranger Silicone Sex Machine G-Spot Attachment
  • Description: Saddle up your favorite mustang machine with this smooth silicone attachment and get ready to ride towards even deeper delights. Slip it onto your Cowgirl sex machine to transform it into a long-reaching lone ranger perfect for G-spot stimulation. Adding this silicone attachment to your collection will bring you a firm shaft with a thick, bulbed tip that's ideal for G-spot massage. There's even gentle ribbing on the front of the silicone pad for added clitoral stimulation. Ride your way to delicious G-spot satisfaction with help from your favorite water-based lubricant. Please note: This product is compatible with The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine (sold separately).
  • Price: $49.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Liberator Sex Position Wedge
  • Description: A boost for your bedroom, the Liberator Wedge offers a 27-degree angle of elevation for more precise contact with her clitoris, deeper penetration for his penis, and a wider range of motion. Liberating times! More positions to try with noticeably magnified sensations. A must-have for oral enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a good rogering... Try these fun positions: Moon Walker It's targeted delivery that offers multiple entry options. If he's under control, he can slow-dance intricately intense sensations inside her as he glides in and out. Alley Oop! With her belly rested on the scintillatingly textured microfibre and her bum begging for attention, all you have to do is let your instinct for exploration take over... Liberator US patent holder One Up Innovations is the creator and true innovator of these unique products. Beware of imitations. Dimensions: 24 inches (L) x 14 inches (W) x 7 inches (H)
  • Price: $109.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow
  • Description: Hump-a-dee-doo-dah, hump-a-dee-ay, my oh my, what a wonderful lay. Get your hands on the Liberator Humphrey sex pillow with sex toy mount for humpingly good hands-free pleasure. Perfect for getting the most out of your suction cup dildo, vibe or wand. Liberator have taken their innovative toy mount design and have made it even better. Thanks to its new, extended design its now compatible with massage wands as well as suction cup dildos and classic vibrators. To take full advantage of Humphrey's versatility, simply tuck the liner into specially designed slots inside and make it compatible for the toy you want to use. To anchor a classic non-flared toy, simply push straight down into the slot and insert your toy. For a flared or suction cup toy, tuck the liner into the sneaky side slots to create a space for the base, or, for a massage wand, slide the liner lengthways inside the pillow to make room for the handle. To top it all off, Humphrey's plush pillowcase also features an 'inception pocket' (a pocket inside another pocket) for holding your choice of bullet vibe or clitoral stimulator right where you need it. The inside pocket is the ideal size for a bullet, while the outer pocket would suit a palm-sized vibrator. As with all Liberator sex cushions, Humphrey is made from high density foam and benefits from a 'responsive core' that easily supports 2 bodies making whoopie. It also comes with a removable microfiber cover and water-resistant lining to make clean up and maintenance a cinch. Adding this innovative sex toy mount to your sex life will enhance masturbation, enable hands free arousal and even make double penetration a piece of cake when enjoyed with your partner. With so many options that add freedom to your erotic play, it's easy to see where the Liberator gets its name. Please note: vibrator is not included. Dimensions: 34 inches (L) x 20 inches (W) x 3 inches (H)
  • Price: $159.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Liberator Sex Position Wedge
  • Description: Add a pop of colour to your play with the Liberator Wedge. This bedroom boost comes in a shade of pink that's exclusive to Lovehoney, and offers a 27-degree angle of elevation for precise clitoral contact, deeper penetration, and a wider range of motion. More positions to try with noticeably magnified sensations. A must-have for oral enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a thorough seeing to. Liberating times!
  • Price: $109.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Liberator Liquid Velvet Sheet and Pillow Covers Set (King Size)
  • Description: Give your kinky adventures a royal touch with this opulent velvet sheet and matching pillow cover set. Made from ultra-soft, seamless black velvet, this luxurious set transforms your bed into Moulin Rouge heaven. Add Champagne to complete the look. Large enough to fit a king size mattress, this silky-soft set is perfect for sexytime (and a great night’s sleep). The set is also completely safe to machine wash and can also be tumble dried, for opulent boudoir vibes that won’t cost a royal fortune to clean.
  • Price: $274.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Liberator Heart-Shaped Sex Position Wedge
  • Description: Be still our beating hearts – Liberator's velvety-soft, heart-shaped sex position wedge makes reaching erogenous zones a piece of cake. Providing the perfect incline for deeper penetration, it transforms sex from 'no-go' to 'the big O' in a heartbeat. Thanks to the cute heart-shaped design, this sex position wedge blends in with your other bedroom furnishings, enabling you to leave it on your bed, rather than under it! Simply un-zip the cover and throw in the washing machine after each play session to keep your pleasure-wedge feeling and looking lovely.
  • Price: $99.99
  • Purchase Here
  • Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo
  • Description: Do you even lift bro? Hailed as the "greatest invention for sex since the bed", Liberator have a lot to live up to. Lucky for them, and for you, these innovative sex cushions do exactly that. Revolutionise hanky panky and enjoy longer, deeper, better sex. Now you might be thinking to yourself: "I can use any old cushion for sex - I don't need a special sex pillow to improve my sex life", but you'd be wrong. Liberator sex cushions are designed specifically to lift you and your partners bodies into prime position for optimum contact and pleasure during intimate play. Not only that, but they help you sustain your position for longer, boosting your staying power for faster, more regular orgasms, without cramp. No breaks = more sex = more climaxes! Liberator have every base covered, from ensuring their cushions provide ample, reliable support of 2 bodies in motion, to making sure use and clean up is hassle-free. Their renowned wedge-shape cushions all boast an orgasm-inducing 27 degree angle that makes precise contact and deeper penetration as easy as your A-B-C's. Plus, thanks to the Liberator's 'Responsive Core', you benefit from proper support and balance at all times no matter how hard or fast you play. Use each cushion independently or as a pair to get the ultimate support for your play session. Both pillows feature a non-stick microfiber cover that feels glorious against naked skin, and also helps to keep both pillows firmly together when being used in tandem. The cover even features a moisture-resistant lining to protect the core from any unwanted (or wanted!) wet patches. When you're done, simply unzip the case and throw it in the washing machine to keep it fresh for next time.
  • Price: $299.99
  • Purchase Here
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