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Tenga & Flip Hole

  • TENGA Standard Edition Deep Throat Onacup
  • Description: Shaped with a pinched waist for unparalleled tightness and lined with revolutionary valves to create a deep sucking sensation, the TENGA Standard Edition Onacup is a vacuum-fired deep throat blow-job you can keep on your bedside table.
  • Price: 17.99
  • TENGA Egg Spider
  • Description: Ribbed and ridged like a real spider web, the TENGA Egg Spider is unbelievably textured for a flood of stimulation and orgasmic sensations with every thrust. A super-stretchy stroker sleeve accommodates up to 12 inches to offer utter immersion in play.
  • Price: 12.99
  • TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator
  • Description: As-you-want-it customization of stimulus and precision compression is the TENGA Flip Hole's USP. Variform internal textures keep each thrust unpredictable while 3 buttons on each side allow you to up the internal pressure at the most pleasuring points.
  • Price: 82.99
  • TENGA Egg Wavy
  • Description: Rile arousal with waves of stimulation from the TENGA Egg Wavy, a cracking male masturbator lined with undulating internal textures that create intense sensation as you stroke. Stretching up to 12 inches in length, the soft sleeve can pleasure all.
  • Price: 12.99
  • TENGA 3D Zen Male Masturbator
  • Description: Unlock your inner Chi and become a masturbation Master with the Zen from TENGA. Choose the smooth side or turn it inside-out for subtle ridges that will coax you to earth-shattering orgasms.
  • Price: 42.99
  • TENGA Egg Stepper
  • Description: Step up manual masturbation with the TENGA Egg Stepper, a super-soft sleeve covered internally with rounded wedges to supplement solo stroking sessions with delicious stimulation. Stretching up to 12 inches, the stroker can pleasure all sizes.
  • Price: 12.99
  • TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup
  • Description: Twist, roll, left, right, back, forth... EXPLODE! The phenomenal Rolling Head Onacup delivers incredible sensations, with a 'power ball' at the top to turbo-charge stimulation to your head, and a complex internal sleeve set with natural-feeling nubs.
  • Price: 17.99
  • TENGA Egg Twister
  • Description: Add a teasing twist to your one-man party with this pleasuring TENGA Egg. Lined with a vortex-like internal sleeve that stretches up to 12 inches, enjoy knee-trembling shaft-to-tip stimulation from the soft and spiraling sleeve.
  • Price: 12.99
  • TENGA Silver Flip Hole Male Masturbator
  • Description: Forge a path through the Silver Flip Hole's labyrinthine interior, a soft elastomer sleeve replete with angles and ridges that stretch and give as you thrust for intense stimulation. Manually up the pressure at any time with the 3 buttons along the case.
  • Price: 82.99
  • TENGA Egg Lovers Heart
  • Description: Hearty stimulation awaits within this pleasuring little egg, an orgasmic innovation from TENGA. Crack open the egg to reveal its soft internal sleeve, peppered with embossed hearts to deliver intense stimulation when stretched over your shaft.
  • Price: 12.99
  • TENGA Egg Misty
  • Description: Rippling waves of sensation billow out from the super-stretchy sleeve of the TENGA Egg Misty, for incredible stimulation in a discreet and travel-friendly package. Just add the enclosed pouch of lube and let the textured sleeve engulf your pecker.
  • Price: 12.99
  • TENGA Red Flip Hole Male Masturbator
  • Description: TENGA has stepped up the Flip Hole with a revamped internal texture crammed with wide fans, bumpy diamonds and rippling ridges. Add in a manual stimulation boost with the trio of buttons to each side, for unbeatable intensity and complete satisfaction.
  • Price: 82.99
  • TENGA Egg Thunder
  • Description: Unleash a stimulation storm with the TENGA Egg Thunder, whose bolt-shaped ridges run the full internal length and circumference of the soft stroker for unbelievably intense sensation and orgasmic sensations with every thrust.
  • Price: 12.99
  • TENGA Ultra Size Edition Deep Throat Onacup
  • Description: Ultra-sized for the well-endowed, with an ultra-strong vacuum for men looking for a vigorous session, the TENGA Ultra Size Edition Deep Throat Onacup enthusiastically grips your shaft for incredible orgasmic pleasure with every thrust.
  • Price: 17.99
  • TENGA Standard Edition Double Hole Onacup
  • Description: Double your fun with the revolutionary TENGA Double Hole Onacup. This masturbator has a super-tight hole at one end, and a gently-clinging orifice at the other. Slip into the 2 lubed-up air-cushioned chambers to enjoy wholly different orgasmic sensations.
  • Price: 17.99
  • TENGA Egg Silky
  • Description: Why have cotton, when you can have silky? The gentlest, most teasing stroker in the TENGA Egg collection, numerous internal ribs intertwine and wrap around the soft sleeve's interior, for velvety stimulation as you enter the tactile male masturbator.
  • Price: 12.99
  • TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator
  • Description: Trusted brand TENGA apply their signature inventiveness to the male masturbator with the Flip Hole, a masterful stroker replete with multiple asymmetrical textures and 6 buttons that enable you to manually tailor pressure anywhere along your shaft.
  • Price: 82.99
  • TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator
  • Description: Let your pleasure spiral out of control with this intensely-ribbed male masturbator. With its tight fit and ergonomic, hexagonal twist, it's the perfect upgrade for when your hand just won't cut it anymore.
  • Price: 42.99
  • TENGA Egg Crater
  • Description: That super-smooth exterior's fooling no one - flip TENGA's Egg Crater inside-out to reveal a surface with more craters than the moon. Stretching to encompass most sizes, add the enclosed pouch of lube and enjoy stellar sensations from the tactile sleeve.
  • Price: 12.99
  • TENGA Air Tech Regular Male Masturbator Cup Tight
  • Description: Tight for added massaging might, TENGA's masturbator offers a close fit for a good grip that rapidly escalates your pleasure for an overwhelming release. An advanced airflow structure offers stronger suction intensity than in the original TENGA cups.ts.
  • Price: 29.99
  • TENGA Air Tech Gentle Male Masturbator Cup Standard
  • Description: Slow and steady wins the race, and TENGA's gentle masturbator offers cushioning stimulation that softly escalates your pleasure for out-of-this-world orgasms. An advanced airflow structure offers stronger suction intensity than in the original TENGA cups.
  • Price: 29.99
  • TENGA Air Tech Ultra Size Male Masturbator Cup
  • Description: Sink into a deep ecstasy with TENGA's ultra-size vacuum cup. Reusable to multiply your pleasure, the Air Tech features more pronounced nubs and spongy ridges than former models for yielding sensations and luxurious variance with every thrust.
  • Price: 34.99
  • TENGA Automatic Vacuum Controller Accessory
  • Description: Boost the pleasure of your TENGA Onacup with this vacuum controller, which adds sensual sensations to your masturbation session. Set includes a vacuum controller, adaptors and a Deep Throat Onacup.
  • Price: 71.99
Last Updated On Saturday, July 11th 2020
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