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Clitoral Cream From TooTimid

  • Nipplicious Nipple Arousal Gel
  • Description:With its tantalizing tingling sensations and succulent flavor options, all your favorite areas will come alive with excitement! Perk up your body and your playmate's tastebuds and prime yourselves for a night to remember!
  • Kama Sutra Intensify Cooling Gel
  • Description:Intensifying Gel enhances female sensual pleasure with a cooling sensation. This unique blend of nature's most proven sexually enhancing herbal stimulants is designed to deliver optimal results!
  • Astroglide Gel Water Based Lubricant
  • Description:This long-lasting gel formula not only lubricates, but also acts as a vaginal moisturizer. It's water-based and condom safe and improves the experience for both partners!
  • Erect Nipple Gel
  • Description:This one-of-a-kind gel is uniquely formulated to give you ultra-sensitive, perky nipples in no time! The tasty peppermint flavor means enhanced sensations for the lucky licker as well!
  • Jo Clitoral Stimulating Gel Atomic
  • Description:Perfect for any woman who wants to enhance her sexual pleasure, heighten sensations and have more fulfilling encounters, this Gel provides Atomic-level clitoral sensitivity! Its unique formula increases blood flow to trigger nerve endings and sensory rece
  • Arousal Gel
  • Description:Add a hint of minty freshness to your erotic exploration! This cooling, tingly gel can be used on the highly-sensitive clit, nipples, or anywhere you desire.
  • Candiland Warming Massage Gel
  • Description:Warm things up with these delightfully tasty massage gels! The specially designed formula warms up as you lick and rub your lover closer and closer to climax!
  • Wanna Be Wild Intense Orgasm Gel
  • Description:This silky gel will heighten your pleasure and intensify your orgasms, so you can have the pulse-pounding, toe-curling climaxes you've been craving!
  • Wanna Be Daring Anal Ease Desensitizing Gel
  • Description:Go deeper into pleasure than ever before with this safe and effective anal desensitizing gel! Specially formulated to absorb quickly and be used with an anal lubricant!
  • Nipple & Clit Stimulating Gel
  • Description:When you want to enhance your pleasure, add a dab of this gel to your self-play or foreplay routine! It creates even more stimulation to these ultra-sensitive areas and makes them even more lickably inviting!
  • Anal Eze Desensitizing Gel
  • Description:Enhance the pleasure of anal play with this smooth and slick desensitizing gel. This unscented formula is a must have personal lubricant for couples who want to safely and comfortably explore anal play.
  • Reverse Tightening Gel For Women
  • Description:Temporarily tighten and tone your vaginal walls with this tingly, stimulating gel! Increased blood flow creates a plumper and tighter feel for even more intense sensations both partners can enjoy!
  • Sliquid Organics Gel
  • Description:Blended with certified organic botanicals, this Gel is safe and female-friendly organic personal lube! It contains soothing Aloe Vera and healing Vitamin E and is compatible with most toy types.
  • HandiPop Massage Gel
  • Description:The most delightful, edible hand job massage gel! You'll never stop using it!
  • Sizzle Lips Warming Gel
  • Description:Make your partner blush with Sizzle Lips, the Edible Warming Gel that feels hot when you blow on it.
  • Tushy Relaxing Gel
  • Description:Get ready for the most relaxed anal play ever! This relaxing gel helps relieve any tension or anxiety in the anal area for the best anal sex you've ever had!
  • Wow! Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel
  • Description: This incredibly stimulating gel will heighten your sexual pleasure by making your clit more sensitive and easily aroused!
  • Sexual Accelerator Gel
  • Description:Perfect for anyone lacking clitoral stimualtion or looking to increase their sensations even more, this Gel contains menthol and L-arginine and is formulated to help improve blood flow and sensitivity. Rub a few drops on a few minutes before you start to
  • Booty Bomb Tingle Gel
  • Description:Every woman enjoys the tingly feeling they get when they fall in love. Now fall in love with this tingly feeling... Booty Bomb, a gel designed especially to enhance sensations for your pleasure during anal foreplay!
  • Wanna Be Aroused Oral Sex Gel
  • Description:Take your oral arousal to new heights with this lusciously lickable gel! Choose your favorite flavor and let your lover lick you to climax again and again!
  • Awaken Clitoral Massaging Gel
  • Description: This gel has been specially crafted with a blend of herbs and botanics to create an aphrodisiac effect, increasing your libido and heightening clitoral sensitivity!
  • KamaSutra Intensifying Warming Gel
  • Description:When it's time to turn up the heat, look no further than this Intensifying Gel from the luxurious Kama Sutra line. Formulated with herbal stimulants, it helps enhance your intimate moments with amazing warming sensations and heightened sensitivity!
  • Honey Buns Warming Gel
  • Description:Is it getting a bit warm in here or is it just Honey Buns warming gel? Perfect for some sensual foreplay and intimate massages, this warming gel warms on contact and guarantees things will get heated.
  • Discover - G Spot Gel
  • Description:Discover G-Spot gel is a special product that increases blood flow to the G-spot when applied directly, resulting in more intense stimulation during intercourse or while using a sex toyÉ
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