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  • Palm Springs Vibrator
  • Description: The Palm SpringsVibrator combines form and function into one cute and powerful g-spot vibe with a ton of awesome features you'll love!
  • Price: 39.99
  • Penis Pump Kit - With Prostate Probe & C-Rings
  • Description: The Penis Pump Kit comes with a nice manual penis pump, a curved prostate probe, and three stretchy erection rings. Everything in this kit helps you get hard and stay hard.
  • Price: 27.99
  • Petite Purple Jack Rabbit
  • Description: The Petite Purple Jack Rabbit is an inexpensive and high-quality rabbit vibrator that makes a perfect entry point for women looking to try rabbit vibrators for the first time.
  • Price: 29.99
  • Petite Sensations Plug
  • Description: The Petite Sensations Plug combines a premium-quality silicone tapered anal plug with a powerful bullet vibrator to deliver all-new anal sensations you'll fall in love with.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Pink Boss Vibrator
  • Description: The Pink Boss Vibrator is as powerful as it is cute! This traditional style vibe is deliciously textured for maximum internal pleasure!
  • Price: 99.99
  • Pink Embrace Rabbit
  • Description: The Pink Embrace Rabbit is a triple-motor rabbit vibrator with an independently rolling pleasure ball in the bunny for extreme clitoral stimulation!
  • Price: 44.99
  • Pink Foreplay Bunny
  • Description: The Pink Foreplay Bunny is a high-quality dual motor vibrator that boasts an impressive twelve vibration speeds and functions, making it easier to find just the right vibration for you!
  • Price: 24.99
  • Pink Sparkle Vibe - A Very Small Vibrator
  • Description: The Pink Sparkle Vibe is our smallest conventional vibrator. This is a great choice if you are new to vibrators or if you have a partner who's a little intimidated by sex toys.
  • Price: 6.49
  • Pink Thrusting Jack Rabbit
  • Description: The Pink Thrusting Jack Rabbit features a vibrating clitoral stimulator and a thrusting penetrative shaft which can function independently or together to maximize your pleasure!
  • Price: 59.99
  • Plush Bullet Vibrator - Ultra-Powerful
  • Description: The Plush Vibrator feels incredible, with its thick, soft silicone sleeve and unrelenting vibrations. Enjoy its five unrelenting patterns of vibration with the push of a button.
  • Price: 24.99
  • Pocket Rocket Vibrator - Black
  • Description: The Famous Pocket Rocket in Black. The Pocket Rocket was made to deliver intense vibrations to the clitoris during solo play or during sex with a lover.
  • Price: 27.99
  • Pocket Rocket Vibrator - White
  • Description: The Pocket Rocket is the gold standard of small, powerful vibrators. The Pocket Rocket is a classic vibrator that's perfect for intense clitoral stimulation.
  • Price: 27.99
  • Posh Butterfly Dual-Motor Vibrator
  • Description: The Posh Butterfly Dual-Motor Vibrator is a slim vibrator that's great for vibrator virgins, or for women struggling with penetration. The diameter of this vibrator is just one inch.
  • Price: 24.99
  • Power Play Bullet - Intense Vibrations
  • Description: The Power Play Bullet is a simple bullet with three intense vibration levels. This high-powered bullet is waterproof, velvety to the touch, and great for solo play or couples.
  • Price: 14.99
  • Premium Lube - Slick and Soothing
  • Description: California Exotics Premium Lube is a premium water based lubricant. This water based lubricant is condom safe and feels slippery and smooth against your skin.
  • Price: 7.99
  • Pretty Purple Dildo - 7 Inches
  • Description: The Pretty Purple Dildo is our most popular dildo. This dildo is pliable and ribbed, and seven inches long, with a two inch diameter. This dildo is the perfect combination of stiff and soft.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Pureskin Stroke It Toys
  • Description: Pureskin Stroke It Toys are some of the highest quality male masturbators on the market, made of premium materials in available in a wide selection of options.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Purple Duo Vibrating Ring
  • Description: The Purple Duo Vibrating Ring is a couple's cock ring that enhances both of your pleasure with the power of not one but TWO bullet vibrators at the top and bottom of the ring!
  • Price: 9.99
  • Purple Embrace Rabbit
  • Description: The Purple Embrace Rabbit is a triple motor vibrator with an independently rolling ball in the shaft to bring you incredible g-spot orgasms!
  • Price: 44.99
  • Purple Foreplay Climaxer
  • Description: The Purple Foreplay Climaxer is a dual motor vibrator that boasts and impressive 12 vibration functions and speeds to help you find just the right setting to find your climax!
  • Price: 24.99
  • Purple Health and Wellness Massager
  • Description: The Purple Health and Wellness Massager is a smaller wand-style vibrator that comes with three bonus tips which can be changed out to experiment with new sensations!
  • Price: 34.99
  • Purple Sparkle Vibe
  • Description: The Purple Sparkle Vibe is a cute little battery-powered vibrator that's perfect for first time users!
  • Price: 12.99
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