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Bullet Vibrators

  • An Amazingly Powerful Bullet Vibrator
  • Description:The Glace Vibrator is unrelentingly strong and gyrates so hard it shakes in your hand. Use this vibrator for solo pleasure or with your partner for new adventures.
  • Jumpin' Gyrator Bullet
  • Description:The Jumpin' Gyrator Bullet Vibrator is an unrelentingly powerful vibrator that can be used solo or with a lover. This vibrator is quiet too.
  • Extreme Micro Bullet
  • Description:The Extreme Micro Bullet is a self-heating vibrator that vibrates at 10 different pleasurable settings. This vibrator is very tiny and perfect for experimentation.
  • Lighted Shimmers Bullet Vibrator
  • Description:The Lighted Shimmers Bullet Vibrator is a turbo bullet that lights up for more fun in the dark. This small bullet vibrates with intense power.
  • Plush Bullet Vibrator - Ultra-Powerful
  • Description:The Plush Vibrator feels incredible, with its thick, soft silicone sleeve and unrelenting vibrations. Enjoy its five unrelenting patterns of vibration with the push of a button.
  • Tango Bullet Vibrator
  • Description:The We-Vibe Tango is a tiny powerhouse. This whisper-quiet, unrelentingly strong vibrator shakes and quakes at an amazingly strong rumble.
  • Chakra Bullet Vibrator - Unrelenting Power
  • Description:The Chakra Bullet Vibrator is our strongest bullet vibrator. This soft-touch bullet features a wired controller that scrolls through ten types of vibration.
  • Men's Turbo Bullet Vibrator
  • Description:The Men's Turbo Bullet Vibrator is an ultra-powerful silver bullet that you can use in or out of the water. It has two extremely powerful speeds.
  • A Tiny Bullet Vibrator
  • Description:The Tiny Bullet Vibrator just might be the world's smallest vibrator, but it vibrates at a pleasurable purr. This wired vibrator warms up as it vibrates.
  • Waterproof Bullet Vibrator
  • Description:The Waterproof Bullet Vibrator features three pleasurable speeds. This tiny vibrator is perfect for exploring your or your lover's body.
  • Our Strongest Bullet Vibrator
  • Description:The Pin-Up Girl Bullet tested as our strongest bullet vibrator. This body-safe, waterproof bullet is wireless for easy travel. Slip it in your purse or overnight bag for on-the-go pleasure.
  • Silver Bullet Vibrator
  • Description:The Silver Bullet Vibrator is a great choice for someone looking for a versatile yet inexpensive vibrator. You can use a bullet for all-over play and targeted titillation.
  • Waterproof Remote Control Bullet
  • Description:The Waterproof Remote Control Bullet is a sexy secret you can wear to a dinner party or club. This insertable remote control bullet vibrator is perfect for couples.
  • OVO Contour Vibrator - Big and Strong
  • Description:The Contour Vibrator is a rigid, velvet-feel vibrator with a luxurious silicone coating and beautiful mirror-like finish. The Contour Vibrator is large and light-weight.
Last Updated On Monday, August 10th 2020
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